Module 9 – Get Going!


Congratulations! You’ve finished Online Orientation for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. All of us here wish you success as you work toward achieving your academic and career goals.

You are now a member of a community of more than 9,000 Nanooks studying on campus in Fairbanks, at our community campuses and in communities throughout the state of Alaska and beyond.

As you continue in your academic journey, rely on the wealth of resources available to support your success, including this online orientation which will remain open and accessible for you to revisit any time you like.

As you progress through your first semester at UAF, remember to set habits to support your academic success:

Next Steps:

  • Log into  DegreeWorks  to review your degree progress and requirements.
  • Copy important dates from the academic calendar into your planner.
  • Make a plan to connect with your faculty during office hours.
  • Put due dates and deadlines listed in your course syllabi into your Google Calendar or planner.
  • Get involved (on campus and/or in your community).
  • Start planning for the next semester.

Six Tips for Success

Maintain balance.

Plan each day to leave enough room for your priorities. Allocate time for studying, work, family, friends and taking care of yourself.

Connect with your advisors and faculty.

Communicate with your advisors and faculty early and often. They can help you find resources, plan your future schedule, clarify university policies, procedures and deadlines and they can help connect you with future job opportunities.

Take advantage of resources.

UAF has a wealth of resources available to support your success. Not sure where to start? Ask your advisor or a professor.

Stay organized.

Hold on to your course syllabi and use a calendar or planner to track coursework due dates, exams and other important deadlines.

Be consistent.

Try to develop a routine for homework and studying. Review your notes regularly and begin studying for exams well in advance of the exam.

Reward yourself.

Celebrate your successes, big and small. You’ve earned them!

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